The purpose of the Art Gallery of the Cartersville Public Library are to present exhibits to stimulate the appreciation and knowledge of art; introduce and encourage local artists; and reach non-traditional library patrons. The Art Gallery space is the hallway between the main reception area and the administrative offices of the Cartersville Library. Equal opportunity to exhibit is extended to all Georgia artists, with Bartow County artists receiving preference. Exhibits will be considered in regard to artistic expression, subject, style, medium, intended audience, community relevance, genre, and ease of installation. Exhibits will consist of original art by local artists, either individuals or groups and exhibits in support of special library programming. A community standard may be applied due to the diverse age range served by the Library.

Applying for Exhibition:

Applications for the use of Art Gallery space are available at each library branch. Interested artists will complete the Art Gallery Application and Agreement to Exhibit form. This signed application and a list of items to be displayed must submitted prior to set-up of the exhibit.

Artists will submit print or digital photographs or examples of their work to the Gallery Committee. The resulting exhibit will consist of the artist’s original work and be representative of the items accepted by the Committee. If giclees or prints of the artist’s work are included they should be labeled as such. Reproductions or copies of masters or of widely circulated photographs or prints are not acceptable. The Art Gallery Committee chair and the Library Director reserve the right to excuse pieces from display they may deem inappropriate.

Featured Artist

Bianca Guerrero is an artist completely consumed by her desire to create and express her intense passion for the arts. Even though she is in her early twenties and a student at Kennesaw State University she believes now is the time to introduce her talent to the world. “For the passing of time is rapid and unforgiving” quotes the artist. With the fear of wasting time and her restless ambition, Bianca works tirelessly. Although she finds it difficult to balance creating her own art and college homework, she keeps pushing for improvement. This show captures just that. It is a visual representation of student life and the work she has created at the University. The hours put into sketch ideas, practice pieces, and final art gallery worthy drawings, prints, and paintings are presented. KSU’s diversity can also be seen in the individual projects designed by each dynamic professor. They set the rules and it is up to the student to develop an idea based on the requirements. College art has its ups and downs. Making art for a grade is hard to do, says our artist. Sometimes you end up sacrificing your artistic liberties to fit the liking of the professor. Other times the pressure of standing out amongst other talented artists is too much and you’re left feeling insecure. Recently, our artist learned that college is the pain in the butt that cultivates inspiration. The truth of the matter is that regardless of the mental scrutiny if you keep creating art you will have made something tangible and immortal. The show incorporates sculptures from a 3D Design course at KSU, 2D works from drawing classes, paintings from an introductory painting course, and prints from her printmaking class.

Highlights from the past

The Cartersville Public Library has been very fortunate to host so many fabulous local and Georgia artists since 2005. Bartow native, Walt Floyd, was the first artist to exhibit in the Gallery – just in time for the grand opening of our new facility.