All branches of the library will close at Noon on December 22nd and be closed on December 25th & 26th.  Adairsville Library will also be closed on December 23rd.

Art Gallery

The purpose of the Art Gallery of the Cartersville Public Library are to present exhibits to stimulate the appreciation and knowledge of art; introduce and encourage local artists; and reach non-traditional library patrons. The Art Gallery space is the hallway between the main reception area and the administrative offices of the Cartersville Library. Equal opportunity to exhibit is extended to all Georgia artists, with Bartow County artists receiving preference. Exhibits will be considered in regard to artistic expression, subject, style, medium, intended audience, community relevance, genre, and ease of installation. Exhibits will consist of original art by local artists, either individuals or groups and exhibits in support of special library programming. A community standard may be applied due to the diverse age range served by the Library.

Applying for Exhibition:

Applications for the use of Art Gallery space are available at each library branch. Interested artists will complete the Art Gallery Application and Agreement to Exhibit form. This signed application and a list of items to be displayed must submitted prior to set-up of the exhibit.

Artists will submit print or digital photographs or examples of their work to the Gallery Committee. The resulting exhibit will consist of the artist’s original work and be representative of the items accepted by the Committee. If giclees or prints of the artist’s work are included they should be labeled as such. Reproductions or copies of masters or of widely circulated photographs or prints are not acceptable. The Art Gallery Committee chair and the Library Director reserve the right to excuse pieces from display they may deem inappropriate.

Featured Artist

Patricia Hall

I have been a resident of Cartersville for 22 years. Before that I lived in
Florida where I received an Associate of Science degree in photography from
The Southeast Center for Photographic Studies at Daytona State College.
I am currently employed at the UGA Extension office here in Bartow County as a
Nutrition Program Assistant for SNAP Education. Between work and family, I have
pursued my love of photography with my own darkroom where some of these
images were developed and printed and then moved into using digital SLR
cameras and editing software. Alternative processes have always been of an
interest to me - hand coloring, mixed media and the freedom that digital editing
can bring to the creative process.

Cemeteries are one of my favorite places to photograph. I am drawn to the
statuary and the symbolism of the art on the gravestones. The word cemetery
has its origin in the Greek word for “sleeping place”. Cemeteries were places
with winding roads and beautiful scenery. The idea that you are leaving the world
of the living and entering a city of the dead emphasized by the ornate gates to be
passed through. The great rural cemeteries were built at a time before public
parks, art museums or botanical gardens in American cities. You suddenly had
large tracts of land, filled with beautiful sculptures and horticultural art. They
became a popular place to picnic, stroll and meditate surrounded by peace and

Some of the symbols are:
Anchor – hope
Angels – God’s messengers and guardians; dropping flowers may signify grief
and pointing to heaven may signify rejoicing
Column and/ or pillar broken – life cut short
Column or pillar unbroken – a full life
Forefinger pointing downward – God reaching down for soul
Forefinger pointing up – soul’s passage to heaven
Lambs – purity, gentleness, innocence (popular on children’s graves)
Lamp – spiritual immortality
Palm – life conquering death; resurrection
Celtic cross - Irish or Scottish descent, continuity, eternity and the spiritual

My photography is emotionally driven as opposed to technically driven. I know
the technical aspects but I’m not as focused on that as much as the way I feel
about the subject matter. Photography is subjective just like any other medium
and should not always be expected to express truth. It is an impression of a moment in time. The viewer brings as much to the meaning of the image as the artist is in the making of it. I like small pieces of a view or subject matter and use editing, paint and other embellishments to evoke a mood. I hope you enjoy these images that are from as far away as Ireland and as close as Savannah, New Orleans and Rome, GA.
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